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Endodontics Dentistry

Endodontics Dentistry-root canal

Endodontic dentistry is a specialized field that focuses on the diagnosis and treatmentof dental pulp and the tissues surrounding the roots of teeth. Within endodontic treatments, various procedures are performed, including:

1. Root canal treatment: This procedure is employed to address infections occurring in the inner part of the tooth, known as the dental pulp. It is a highly effective method for saving an infected tooth. At Sultan Al Olama Medical Center, we offer root canal treatment for single-canal teeth, as well as for molars. Moreover, we take pride in our ability to provide single-visit root canal treatment, ensuring
convenience for our patients.

2. Endodontic retreatment: This treatment is typically conducted for previously treated root canals that have developed infections or abscesses. It is also employed in cases involving broken instruments within the root canal system or repair of perforations.

3. Endodontic surgery: Apical surgery is a form of endodontic surgery that targets the apex (tip) of the tooth’s root. This surgical procedure is usually performed on teeth that have undergone previous root canal treatment.


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