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Dr.Zuhdi Azzam

Specialist Endotontist

Experience: 18 years
Specialization: Specialist Endotontist

Languages Spoken
Eniglish 100%
Arabic 100%


    About Me

    After completing his DDS degree (Doctor of Dental Surgery) from Ajman University and Master Degree from Alexandria University, he had clinical training at MFDS residency program by Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and became a member in American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in USA. After achieving his degrees, he maintained and developed his clinical skills through continuous practice in dental clinics.

    Dr Zuhdi has been always keen to keep his knowledge up-to-date, he attended many courses and workshops in Endodontics for rotary instrumentation and obturation, as well as courses in advanced restorative techniques.

    He also received special training in computerized / digital dentistry including CAD/CAM as well as the use of digital devices in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry.

    In addition to his clinical practice, he worked as a faculty member in dental colleges within UAE and abroad as a lecturer plus clinical instructor for undergraduate students. Moreover, he has been an active speaker in many dental conferences and seminars.

    Dr Zuhdi Azzam has total eighteen years of experience in dental practice. Currently, he is working as Specialist in Endodontics at Sultan Alolama Medical Center for patients seeking root canal treatment, including simple single-root teeth as well as the complicated cases such as molars with curved canals, blocked canals, or retreatment of root canal treated teeth with large periapical abscess, broken instruments or repair for perforations, followed by restoration of endontically treated teeth with post and cores.


    • MSc – Master Degree in Endodontics , Alexandria University
    • DDS – Doctor of Dental Surgery , Ajman university

    Area Of Expertise

    • Endodontics
    • Root Canal Treatment
    • Post and Core