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DR .Fatma Al Olama


Experience: 21 years
Specialization: Consultant Family Medicine and Pediatric

English 100%
Arabic 75%


    About Us

    Dr Fatma Ali Sultan Alolama is a specialist in women’s and children’s healthcare. As well as being an accomplished pediatrician, Dr Fatma is a prolific writer and speaker on women and children’s health and is a member of a number of important committees including the Emirates Medical Association. Dr Fatma AlOlama also holds a number of awards in her field including a Unicef certificate for services to improvement in children’s medicine and healthcare.

    A prolific and dedicated pediatrician, Dr Fatma Mohd Ali Sultan AlOlama is not only an accomplished doctor but a champion of women and children’s healthcare through tireless work within a number of groups and associations. Among many other achievements, Dr Fatma has been instrumental in revolutionizing family medical care within the UAE, ensuring that all clinics are unified and that all GP and nursing staff are fully trained and qualified.


    MMBch, Dch, (Ireland) IBCLC (Austria) MRCGP (Int.)

    Area Of Expertise

    • Running clinic for immunocompromised cases
    • Unification of child health clinic systems
    • Pregnancy and ante-natal care
    • Women’s health
    • Community initiatives
    • Lactation Management
    • GP Training
    • Ante-natal shared care