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Splendor X


SPLENDOR X by Lumenis is generally suitable for all skin tones (even dark or tanned skin) and all body areas and hair types. In addition to permanent hair reduction, it is Powerful, fast, and versatile.

SPLENDOR X device is safer for your skin, as it is designed with innovative technology to determine your skin type and provide greater effectiveness and results of its content. Advanced cooling technology ensures your patients enjoy a comfortable treatment. It causes No pain or burns. No frills. Short treatments than ever. With the modern SPLENDOR X technologies, you will need fewer sessions without frills to enjoy a silky body.

How does it work?

SPLENDOR X by Lumenis is a solid-state, synchronized laser emission Alexandrite and Nd: YAG system powered by BLEND X™ technology. It is also the fiber-delivered laser featuring a patented square spot for uniform skin coverage; and an integrated plume (smoke) evacuator and HEPA filter for a smoke-free working environment. The patient experience is enhanced even more with the integrated DCS (Dual Cooling System), which eliminates the need for numbing cream to make the procedure even faster.

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What Areas can I treat?

Treatment areas can be face and body as arms, underarms, legs, bikini, chest, and more.

Is the laser hair removal painful?

The treatment is mainly not painful. However, it might vary from patient to patient. Some patients feel light discomfort or tingling during the treatment, and others might not.

How long does the treatment take?

It depends on the area of treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

The best result can be achieved with multiple sessions are needed. Every patient is different. But you will notice the effect after 6 to 8 sessions.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Hair laser removal is a safe treatment.

How do I prepare myself for the treatment?

You must avoid the practices below for six weeks before the laser hair removal, Waxing, Plucking, electrolysis, bleaching hair, sun exposure, tanning, or henna.

Your skin should be shaved at least 12 hours before treatment.

Make sure you clean your skin properly from creams, makeup, and oil on the treatment day.

After the treatment, avoid sun exposure, tanning, bleaching, and henna.

Consult your doctor if you have herpes simplex virus history or if you are taking medicines.

What is after-treatment care?

You can apply an ice pack to the treated area to reduce discomfort.

Apply calming cream for three days after the treatment

Keep the area clean

Drink water and stay hydrated.

Does it treat the white/grey hair?

Laser Hair removal is not effective on white/grey hair because it has no pigment to target.

Is waxing or threading allowed before laser hair removal?

Waxing and threading are not allowed before laser hair removal. If you did wax or threading, you could not do laser for four weeks.

Is sun tanning allowed with laser?

Sun tanning is not allowed before hair laser treatment. If you did sun tan, you could not do laser treatment for four weeks

Is laser hair removal helpful with ingrowth hairs?

Yes, laser hair removal is beneficial for treating ingrown hair.

Can I use laser hair removal while using isotretinoin, retinol, or peeling treatment?

No, you should avoid laser hair removal two months before the laser treatment.