Our Psychology department provides patient-centered high-quality counseling and interviewing techniques which helps in supporting and increasing awareness of mental health within the community. We also serve as an educational resource for all mental health-related issues. 

We take the responsibility of every individual to give an opportunity for a healthier, more productive life. We, at Sultan Al Olama Medical, believe in the planning of a better-informed community, better educated medical staff to continuously improve patient treatment.

Our professionals ensure a compassionate and professional patient experience.

Your First appointment:
Your meeting with our psychologist will be a bit different from those of Specialists from other disciplines, as it will mainly involve being asked about your condition. Physical examination and laboratory investigations are carried out only if it is necessary from your symptoms.

At Sultan Al Olama Medical, we carry out special and standard assessments in order to try to understand what stress or strains you have been encountering in everyday life (family, friends, work etc.).

Psychological Services:

  • General Psychological
  • Psychotherapy
  • Children & Adolescent Psychological Well Being
  • Educational psychology

The consultation is covered by the rules of confidentiality that apply to any medical consultation

Self Assessment:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Social phobia
  • Memory

Our Branches

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Al Barsha Mall
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DentiCare ®
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