Family medicine is the medical discipline that is responsible for maintaining health in all aspects, analyzing and studying the human body in a holistic way (holistic theory of medical practice).

The family Doctor, or GP, performs a type of professional medical practice delimited by a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Although family physicians can perform their work in various fields (emergency services, urgent care, technical units, etc.), their natural scope is primary care.

Family medicine is a horizontal specialty with a broad knowledge of clinical predominance, sharing the knowledge and skills of other specialties and integrating the biomedical, behavioral and social sciences (biopsychosocial or Integral), Able to solve 90-95% of health problems, providing continuous and comprehensive care of the individual, and his family and community relationships.

Family medicine incorporates all ages, sex, systems or diseases, with emphasis on humanistic medicine, physician - patient - family - community relationship, educational, and preventive aspects, in short, a comprehensive assessment.

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