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Best Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubai


Our team of experienced aesthetic and cosmetic dentists provide the latest and highest standards in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. Book a smile makeover consultation with our dedicated cosmetics dentist in Sultan Al-Olama Medical Centers if you want a perfect smile. They will explain you how to achieve your beautiful smile and improve your overall appearance. Here are some procedures done in our clinic:

  1. Dental Veneer / Hollywood smile
  2. Diastema Closure
  3. Tooth contouring
  4. Gum contouring

Dental Veneer

Why should you choose Sultan Al-Olama Medical Center for a perfect smile?

  • Sultan Al-Olama Medical Centers are the pioneers of cosmetic dentistry in Dubai.
  • Our team of experienced dentists offers a unique experience in creating smile makeovers.
  • We use the highest-quality medical products.
  • At Sultan Al-Olama Medical Centers, we provide a first-class service to every client we meet.
  • Our veneers are guaranteed for at least five years.

At Sultan Al-Olama Medical Centres, we provide our clients the best solutions in cosmetics dentistry. Primarily we create a perfect, natural-looking smile by giving you a perfect tooth with a natural appearance.

If you wonder how to transform your smile and do not know where to start, then book your consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists in Sultan Al-Olama Medical Centers to begin your smile journey.

Your smile is your window to your soul, which significantly impacts the interaction with people. That’s why our focus is on Aesthetic smile makeovers, which will improve your self-image and confidence.

If you have chips and cracks or naturally yellow or grey teeth, you need to book your consultation to see the best dentists.

The process is simple and takes a few sessions only:

First Visit

The dentist will listen to your chief complaint and discuss what you would change about your smile, explaining different treatments and options with the pros and cons of each treatment. Then will inspect your teeth and assess the health of your teeth and gum; after that, will discuss the treatment plan and for sure if you have any requirement we will be pleased to listen and hear from you.

Second visit

Once your gum and teeth are healthy for the veneer, we will create a wax version of the new smile; The wax version can be placed directly over your teeth for you to try and test your new smile; you can try this version in your mouth. In this stage, the patient can make any adjustments to ensure you have the perfect result with your final smile.

Third Visit

In this stage, your teeth will be carefully prepared for the veneer to sit perfectly over your teeth. Once the veneers are individually made, we will clean the front of your teeth and make sure they bond. Start your smile journey and book today!



    Dr. Asma AbdulLatif


    A 5 years goal-oriented licensed general dentist with extensive knowledge of dental treatments and known for caring and individualized patient communication and topnotch treatment planning.

    Dr. Kenan Hamwi


    Specialist Orthodontics

    Dr. Shaima ElKhalidi


    Examine patients, obtain medical, dental records and develop a treatment plan.

    Dr. Chiyadu Padmini


    Specialist pediatric dentist and lactation consultant, passionate about dentistry in children and tongue ties, lip ties and breast feeding.

    Dr Afifa Zarrin


    Its all about health of gum and teeth with amazing art done by dental technicians 

    Dr Zynab Basem Darweish


    Its all about health of gum and teeth with amazing art done by dental technicians 

    Dr Hala Swaid


    Its all about health of gum and teeth with amazing art done by dental technicians 

    Dr. Faysal Succaria


    Dr. Faysal Succaria is a Consultant Dentist and Prosthodontist with over 14 years of experience in his field

    Dr.Zuhdi Azzam


    Morbi congue ex ut libero porta accumsan. Nunc convallis ullamcorper vehicula.

    Dr. Shayma El Khalidi


    Dr Shaymaa Elkhalidi is an accomplished General Dental Practitioner with a particular interest in facial cosmetic procedures.

    Dr. Marwan Dalbah


    Dr. Marwan Dalbah is currently based in the United Arab Emirates working with Sultan Al Olama Medical Center is a highly competent General Dental

    DR Pooja


    Morbi congue ex ut libero porta accumsan. Nunc convallis ullamcorper vehicula.

    Dr.Garima Khandelwal


    She has done her MDS in Pediatric Dentistry and holds MFDRCSI from Ireland and MFDRCPG from Glassglow, England.