Dr. Azzeddine Rihane

Dr. Azzeddine Rihane

Dermatology Specialist

Dr. Azzeddine Rihane

Dr Azzeddine Rihane is a Specialist Dermatologist who is a really asset in the field of Dermatology where new techniques and technologies emerge at a fast pace. Dr. Azzeddine is a distinguished name in the Cosmetic and Aesthetic industry today as he manages both development, research & innovation for Sultan Al Olama Medical Center in Dubai. Before making his move to the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Azzeddine has worked at some of the inest medical centers in Tunisia in addition to obtaining his training in Paris.

Dr Azzeddine Rihane who is currently based in The United Arab Emirates is a highly professional and accomplished Specialist Dermatologist. Having worked in many of the world’s leading clinics, Dr. Azzeddine believes that patient education makes a huge impact and all the difference. He believes that what makes you unique, makes him unique in return. Highly qualified and trusted by hundreds of patients who trust him in being in expert hands. A passionate researcher, Dr Azzeddine’s commitment to the advancement of Cosmetic methods and techniques is evident in his impressive list of publications, memberships, and speaking appointments.

o Mesotherapy
o Microdermabrasion
o Skin Peeling & Tightening
o Mole removal
o Melasma & Hyperpigmentation
o Excessive sweating/Hyperhydrosis
o Fillers and Botox
o Diagnosis and Treatment of skin disorders
o Dermatologic Surgeries
o Skin Lasers
o Skin, Nail and hair diseases

o English
o French
o Arabic

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